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SAGE, Miss Florence Eleanor, pianist, born in Terre Haute, Ind., 3rd March, 1858. Her father is of English descent and a native of the State of New York. Her mother is of French and German extraction and was born in Ohio. Both families are made up of cultured and intelligent persons. Miss Sage early displayed her musical gifts. At the age of four years she played upon the guitar, rendering by ear the melodies she heard. FLORENCE ELEANOR SAGE A woman of the century (page 639 crop).jpgFLORENCE ELEANOR SAGE. At the age of eight years she began to study the piano, and at eleven she was so far advanced as to e able to play difficult selections from classic authors in concerts. She is distinguished for her ability to read music at sight, having no superior in that respect in the country. She studied in New York City under the leading masters, and her progress was exceedingly rapid. In 1875 she played in concerts in New York and other eastern cities After completing her studies in New York she removed to Chicago, Ill., where, in the season of 1884 and 1885, she inaugurated a series of historical piano recitals, the second of the kind ever given in this country, and the first to be given by a woman. She was very successful in Chicago, and she gave other series in other cities with equally gratifying results. Her piano playing is marked by skill in technique, delicate touch, refined expression and soulful interpretation. Her repertory includes compositions in all styles, from those of the earliest masters down to those of cotemporaneous composers She is a woman of liberal education. She speaks six modern languages fluently and has read widely. Her literary work includes translations from the literature of Hungary. She lived in Chicago from 1880 to 1887, and since the latter year she has made her home in St. Louis, Mo.