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FRANCES C. JENKINS A woman of the century (page 429 crop).jpgFRANCES C. JENKINS. JENKINS, Mrs. Frances C., evangelist and temperance worker, born in Newcastle, Ind., 13th April, 1826. Her maiden name was Wiles. Her father was of Welsh descent, her mother came from a refined English family. Both parents were educators, and her home was always a school. Books and study were ever her delight. She was married young, and consequently did not possess a finished education, but her study did not cease when she was married. The bent of her mind was towards medicine and theology. So well informed did she become in medicine and nursing that for twenty-five years she took almost entire charge of the health of her family of nine children. For several years after her marriage she devoted herself exclusively to home-making and her family, but she was finally led to broaden her circle of usefulness. She took up church work in her own church, the Friends, or Quakers. She became so efficient in church work of various kinds and so devoted a Bible student that the Society recognized her ability and at twenty-six years of age recorded her a minister of the gospel. The Friends Society was at that time the only orthodox one to recognize women as ministers. Her public work became a prominent feature of her life, yet she never lost sight of, or interest in, her home. She was especially successful as an evangelist and temperance worker. She was among the first crusaders against the liquor traffic. As a result of her work many saloons were closed in the town where she lived, and many surrounding towns received a like benefit. The proprietors of numerous saloons gave up saloon-keeping and engaged permanently in honorable business for bread winning. For several years she was one of the vice-presidents of the Illinois Woman's Christian Temperance Union. She went to England early in January, 1888, where she remained fifteen months, engaged in evangelical and temperance work. She was very successful. She is engaged most of the time in work along that line. Her home is now in Kansas City, Mo.