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JEFFERY, Mrs. Isadore Gilbert, poet. ISADORE GILBERT JEFFERY A woman of the century (page 428 crop).jpgISADORE GILBERT JEFFERY. born in Waukegan, III., in 184 -, where her parents lived for a time. For many years their home was in Chicago, Ill., where her father had extensive business interests. She is of English parentage. In a letter to a friend Mrs Jeffery says: "Those who knew my sainted parents will accentuate the utmost words of praise a loving daughter's heart could prompt Noble and true in every possible relation, their record in life is a priceless inheritance to their children. They made a perfect home for fifty years, and when Mother was taken suddenly away in 1878, Father, then a hale and hearty man of unshaken intellect, said he couldn't live without her, and died within the year. No briefest notice of me would seem anything to me, that contained no reference to the parents who were my confidants in all things up to the day of their departure." Although she has written ever since girlhood for a large number of papers and periodicals, Mrs. Jeffery' has never published a book. She writes for the joy of it, and would do so always, if there never were a dollar's return therefrom. She became the wife, in 1878, of M. J. Jeffery then superintendent of the American District Telegraph and Telephone Service of Chicago. One morning, about two years after their marriage, while driving to business, he was injured in the tunnel by a runaway team, and brought home to a time of suffering that forbade any active life for three years. When he finally began to get about on crutches, the faithful wife, who had watched and waited beside him so long, accepted the responsible position of stenographer in the office of the Chicago " Advance," which she occupied for nearly six years, to the praise and satisfaction of all concerned. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery is a childless one, though both are intensely fond of children.