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2258331Woman of the Century — Frances Folsom Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Mrs. Frances Folsom, wife of Stephen Grover Cleveland, the twenty-second President of the United States, born in Buffalo, N. Y., 21st July. 1864. She is the only child of the late Oscar Folsom, who was killed in a carriage accident in 1875. Her mother is still living in Buffalo, the wife of Henry E. Perrine. Miss Folsom spent her early school days in Madame Brecker's French kindergarten. After Mr. Folsom's death the widow and daughter made their home in Medina. N. Y., with Mrs. Folsom's mother, Mrs. Harmon. Mr. Cleveland was appointed her guardian-at-law. In Medina Miss Folsom attended the high school. Returning to Buffalo, she became a student in the central high school, where she was noted for her brightness in study. She next went to Aurora. N. Y., where she entered Wells College, on her central high school certificate, which admitted her to the sophomore class without examination. She was a favorite in Wells College. She FRANCES FOLSOM CLEVELAND. was graduated in June, 1885, her graduating essay being cast in the form 01 a story. Her future husband was Governor of the State of New York while she was in college, and was elected President before her graduation, on which occasion a gift of flowers was sent to her from the White House. After graduating from college she went abroad for a time for travel and study. She returned from Europe on 38th May, 1886, and was married to Mr. Cleveland, in the White House, 2nd June. 1886. The wedding was the occasion of many pleasant attentions to the President and his bride. Her reign as the first lady of the land, was a brilliant one, marked by tact and unfailing courtesy. She was the youngest of the many mistresses of the White House. When Mr. Cleveland's presidential term ended, in 1889. they made their home in New York City, where their daughter, Ruth, was born. In that city her life has been filled with social duties and charitable work in many directions She is a member of the Presbyterian Church.