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SMITH, Miss Frances M. Owston, poet, was born in Peterborough. Ontario, Canada. She is of mixed English and Irish blood. Her father, Ralph Smith, was a native of King's county, Ireland, and her mother was a daughter of Captain William Owston, of the Royal Navy, Yorkshire, England. She was reared and educated in Peterborough, and her home has for some years past been in Lucan, in the western part of the Province of Ontario. FRANCIS M. OWSTON SMITH A woman of the century (page 674 crop).jpgFRANCIS M. OWSTON SMITH. She has written verses since her childhood, and her poems have been published in the "Irish Monthly." Ireland, in the "Canadian Monthly," and in several leading Canadian weeklies. Her poetry runs in the religious vein principally. Her work shows culture, earnestness and purity of thought and aspiration, and she is ranked with those other Canadian singers who are aiding powerfully to create and glorify a Canadian literature. She is known for her charitable deeds as well as her literary achievements.