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BERGEN, Miss Helen Corinne, author and journalist, born in Delanco, N. J., 14th October, HELEN CORINNE BERGEN.jpgHELEN CORINNE BERGEN. 1868. She belongs to the Bergen family that came from Norway and settled in New Jersey in 1618, in the place they called Bergen. Her mother was the daughter of the Rev. Isaac Winner, D. D., one of the most eloquent preachers in the New Jersey Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Her father was Colonel George B. Bergen. Helen is the oldest child and only daughter. She has written for the press ever since she was a child. She passed her youth in Michigan, and later moved to Washington, D. C. She has lived in Louisiana and Texas, and has traveled much. She wrote first for home papers in Michigan and then for papers in the South. She has served on the Washington "Post," and is that journal's free-lance, and children's department editor. She acts as reporter when necessary, and is an all-round newspaper woman. She writes poetry, sketches, criticisms and stories. She has a wide circle of acquaintances among the prominent people of the day. She believes in equal pay for equal work by men and women. She holds high rank as a musical and dramatic critic. She is building a permanent home in Washington.