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DAUVRAY, Helen, actor, born in San Francisco, Cal., 14th February, 1859. Her family name is Gibson. Her childhood was spent in Virginia City, Nev., and she made her first appearance on the stage in San Francisco, in 1864. playing Eva in "Uncle Tom's Cabin." She attracted a good deal of attention and became known as "Little Nell, the California Diamond." Junius Brutus Booth, Frank Mayo and Charles Thome were members of the Uncle Tom Company in which she made her début at the age of five. In 1865 she played the part of the Duke of York in "Richard HELEN DAUVRAY.jpgHELEN DAUVRAY. III." Her next role was as the child in the "Scarlet Letter," with Matilda Heron as Hester Prynne. Helen afterwards plaved in "Fidelia," "No Name " and "Katy Did," and she was a remarkably bright and successful actor. She appeared in New York City in June, 1870, placing in Wood's Museum in "Andy Blake" and "Popsy Wopsey." Returning to California, she sailed to Australia, where she played successfully. A successful investment in the Comstock mine made her wealthy, and she disappeared for a time from the stage. She went to Europe to complete her education. She studied vocal and instrumental music in Milan and French in Paris. She decided to play in French, before a French audience, in Paris, but had great difficulty to find a manager brave enough to back her. Finally, M. Gautier, of the Folies Dramatiques, introduced her to Paul Ferrier, the dramatist, who wrote "Nan, the Good-for-Nothing" for her. She appeared in that play 1st September. 1884, and scored a success. She broke down from over- work and returned to the United States. She made her re-entrance upon the American stage 27th April, 1885. in the title role of " Mona," in the Star Theater, New York City. Her next play was "One of Our Girls," in which she made a triumphant hit as Kate Stupley, an American girl in Paris. That play was the work of Bronson Howard. He then wrote for her "Met by Chance," in which she appeared nth January, 1887, but it was soon withdrawn. On 7th March, 1887, she played in "Walda Lamar," and in April, 1887, in The Love Chase." On 2nd June, 1890, she appeared in New York City in "The Whirlwind." She was married 12th October, 1887, in Philadelphia, Pa., to John M. Ward.