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SKELTON, Mrs. Henneriette, temperance worker, born in Giessen, Germany, 5th November, 1842, where her father was connected with the university. Soon after her birth her father was called to Darmstadt, and later, as professor, to Heidelberg, where he died when Henneriette was fifteen years old. HENNERIETTE SKELTON A woman of the century (page 668 crop).jpgHENNERIETTE SKELTON. After the mother's death the children emigrated to Canada, where Henneriette became the wife of Mr. Skelton, traffic superintendent of the Northern Railroad. They had one son. In 1874 Mr. Skelton died in their home in Toronto, Canada, and soon after, the son, showing signs of pulmonary disease, accompanied his mother to southern California, hoping to find health. The hope was not realized. In 1882 he died. Mrs. Skelton then devoted herself to the cause of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, with which for years, during her residence in Canada, she had been closely identified. Her name will be associated in the minds of thousands of the German citizens of the United States as one of the most fearless and indefatigable workers in the cause of temperance. For a time she conducted the temperance paper known as "Der Bahnbrecher," besides writing three hooks, published in the English language. " The Man-Trap" (Toronto), a temperance story, "Clara Burton" (Cincinnati), a story for girls, and "The Christmas Tree" (Cincinnati), a picture of domestic life in Germany. Her energy and zeal in the reform to which she is devoting her life were early recognized by the national executive board of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and she was appointed one of its national organizers. In that capacity she has traveled over the United States, lecturing in both the English and her native tongue, and leaving behind h r local unions of women well organized and permeated with earnestness her platform efforts are marked by breadth of thought, dignity of style and the very essence of profound convictions. Her home is in San Francisco. Cal.