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WILSON, Mrs. Jane Delaplaine, author, born in Hamilton, Ohio., in 1830. She was educated in the academy for young women in her native town. At an early age she became the wife of E. V. Wilson, then a lawyer. They removed to northeastern Missouri, where they settled in Edina. Her husband is now judge Wilson. JANE DELAPLAINE WILSON A woman of the century (page 798 crop).jpgJANE DELAPLAINE WILSON. As a child she was inclined to literature, and during youth she wrote much, which was never allowed to see the light. In 1880 she began to publish short stories and poems under the pen-name "Mrs. Lawrence" After using that name for a short time, she laid it aside and signed her work with her husband's initials Both her poems and stories have been widely copied. She has contributed to a number of periodicals.