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KIMBALL, Mrs. Jennie, actor and theatrical manager, born in New Orleans, La., 23rd June, 1851. Her histrionic talents showed themselves in her early youth. Her first appearance in public was as Obeda in " Bluebeard." in the Boston Theater, in 1865, under H. C. Jarrett's management. He was BO impressed with her talent that he engaged her at the conclusion of the season for the William Warren Company, which he was then forming. JENNIE KIMBALL A woman of the century (page 447 crop).jpgJENNIE KIMBALL. After playing the principal soubrette business with that party until it disbanded, she joined the Wallack-Davenport Company in Washington. D. C., where she played a short season. Returning to Boston, she was once more engaged by Mr. Jarrett for the Boston Theater. At the close of the season she retired from the stage temporarily, and devoted a year to the study of music and the drama. Upon the Completion of her studies she was engaged by Manager Whitman for leading soubrette business in the Continental Theater, Boston, in :S6S, appearing as Cinderella in Byron's burlesque, and Stalacta in "The Black Crook," which ran the entire season. She afterwards played a star engagement with him in the West, appearing as Oberon in "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and singing the title role in "The Grand Duchess " in Buffalo, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis and other western cities, winning unqualified approbation. After concluding her engagement with Mr. Whitman, she returned to the Fast and traveled through New England as prima donna of the Florence Burlesque Opera Company, until she was engaged by John Brougham for his New York Company, in 1S69, and opened tst March in Brougham's Fifth Avenue Theater, now the Madison Square, in the operetta of "Jenny Lind," afterward playing Kate O'Brien in "Perfection," and other musical comedies. In 1872 she was especially engaged in the Union Square Theater, under the management of Sheridan Shook, as stock star, playing all the leading parts in the burlesques, "Ernani," "The Field of the Cloth of Cold," "Bad Dickey," "Blark-Eyed Susan," "Aladdin," "The Invisible Prince" and others, and remaining there two seasons. After Little Corinne made her success as Little Buttercup in "Pinafore," in the Boston Theater. Jennie Kim ball retired from the profession, in order to devote her whole time and attention to Corinne's professional advancement. She has occasionally reappeared with her, singing the Countess in "Ouvette" and the Queen in "Arcadia." In 1811 Mrs. Kimball commenced her career as a manager, organizing an opera company of juveniles, of which Corinne was the star. They continued uninterruptedly successful until the interference of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, of New York City. After the celebrated trial, which gave Mrs. Kimball and her daughter, Corinne. such notoriety, they opened in the Bijou Opera House, 31st December, 1881, and played four weeks, thence continuing throughout the United States and Canada, winning marked success. Mrs. Kimball has had an interest in several theaters. She has a capacity for work that is marvelous. She has, by her energy and executive ability, brought Corinne to the front rank as a star. She personally engages all the people, makes contracts, books her attractions and supervises every* rehearsal. All details as to costumes, scenery and music receive her attention. The greater portion of her advertising matter she writes herself, and she is as much at home in a printing-office as she is in the costumer's or in the scenic artist's studio.