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RUPRECHT, Mrs. Jenny Terrill, author, born in Liverpool, Ohio, 23rd May, 1840. She is of New England parentage. Her early years were spent on a farm, whose picturesque beauty fostered her love of nature. She received less encouragement to cultivate her early talent for writing, perhaps, than she would have done, had not her parents feared that writing, with the ordinary routine of study, would prove too great a strain on the child's sensitive mental organization. JENNY TERRILL RUPRECHT A woman of the century (page 636 crop).jpgJENNY TERRILL RUPRECHT. After a brief experience as a school-teacher. Miss Terrill became the wife of Charles Ruprecht, a native of Baden, Germany. For many years her home has been in Cleveland, Ohio. While she has contributed largely to the local press, many of her poems and sketches have appeared in eastern and other magazines and papers. Some of them have been published over a fictitious name. She has written numerous juvenile stories and poems, which she will soon publish in book-form, illustrated by her daughter, also a volume entitled "Home Rhymes." She has long been engaged in christian work. The neglected quarters of Cleveland, crowded with the increasing foreign element, have been the scenes of her busiest years of mission work. Her warmest sympathies are enlisted by little children. Many have become members of the Sunday-school, organized and put under her supervision more than nine years ago, superintendent of which she still is. She is a member of the Ohio Woman's Press Association, of the Cleveland Sorosis and other literary and social organizations.