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GREEN, Mrs. Julia Boynton, poet, born in South Byron, Genesee county, N. Y., 25th May, 1861. When she was fifteen years old, she and her older sister entered Ingham University, in LeRoy, N. Y., where they remained a year as students. JULIA BOYNTON GREEN.jpgJULIA BOYNTON GREEN. Another year was spent by both in preparation for Wellesley College. After entering that institution, they were called home on account of domestic bereavement. Their interrupted course of study was continued for several years, chiefly in Nyack-on-the-Hudson, and Aliss Boynton afterwards passed two winters in New York in the study of art, for which she has marked talent. She spent a season in London, England, and in 1888 she was preparing for an extended tour in Europe, when she was called home by the illness of her mother. Since then both her parents have died. In June, disturbed by so many changes and diversions, but Mrs. Green has found time to write some strikingly excellent poetry. Most of her work has appeared in local journals and in the Boston "Transcript." She has published one volume of poems, "Lines and Interlines" (New York, 1887).