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TYLER, Mrs. Julia Gardiner, wife of John Tyler, tenth President of the United States, born on Gardiner's Island, near Easthampton, N. Y., in 1820. She was the oldest daughter of David Gardiner, a man of wealth. She was educated by private teachers at home until she was sixteen years old, when she was sent to Chegary Institute, in New York City, where she was graduated. After leaving school, she traveled with her father in Europe. Returning to the United States, she visited Washington, D. C, in 1844. She and her father went with President Tyler on a steamboat excursion to Alexandria, and on the return trip the gun "Peacemaker" exploded while being fired, and Mr. Gardiner and several others were killed, and many others were injured. The body of Mr. Gardiner was taken to the White House, and President Tyler, then a widower, was thrown in the company of the grief-stricken daughter. They became engaged, and on 26th June, 1844, they were married in New York City. For the remaining eight months of President Tyler's term of office she presided in the White House with grace, dignity and success. Leaving Washington, they retired to Mr. Tyler's home, "Sherwood Forest," in Virginia. They remained there until Mr. Tyler died, 17th January, 1862, in Richmond. Since the Civil War she has lived in her mother's home on Castleton Hill, Staten Island. N.Y. She has several children. She is a convert to Roman Catholicism and is active in the charities of that church.