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JULIE ROSEWALD A woman of the century (page 822 crop).jpgJULIE ROSEWALD.
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ROSEWALD, Mrs. Julie, vocalist, born in Stuttgart, Germany, 7th March, 1850. She is a member of the highly musical family named Eichberg, of which Julius Eichberg, of Boston, Mass., is also a member. Julie was educated in the Stuttgart conservatory and in the Royal Theater School in the same city. It was a high honor for her to enter the Royal Theater School, as but two candidates were selected annually by the king, and they were, of course, chosen from the most promising and advanced students in the conservatory. After she had finished her studies in Stuttgart, she came to the United States, to make her home with her sister, an excellent pianist. She net J. H. Rosewald, of Baltimore, Md.,the well-known solo violinist and composer, and became his wife in 1869. After her marriage she returned to Europe and continued her studies under Marie Von Marra, in Frankfort, Germany. She returned to the United States in company with Franz Abt, under an engagement to interpret his songs during his concert tour in the principal American cities. In 1875 she entered the operatic field. She made her debut in Toronto, Canada, as "Marguerite." She scored a success. She traveled as prima donna with the Caroline Richings Opera Company and with the Clara Louise Kellogg English Opera Company. She and her husband went to Europe again, and while there they tilled engagements in Berlin, Vienna, Rotterdam, Prague and Cologne. Returning to the United States after a successful tour. Mrs. Rosewald accepted an engagement as prima donna with the Emma Abbott Opera Company, of which her husband was musical director. She earned a brilliant reputation. In 18S4 she withdrew from the stage and settled with her husband in San Francisco, Cal., where they now live. She has become a most successful vocal teacher. She has an extensive list of musical compositions in her mastery, and she speaks, reads and writes English, German, French and Italian with ease and elegancy, and has sung operas in those four languages. As a vocal teacher she exercises a strong influence on general musical culture of the metropolis of the Pacific coast.