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TRYON, Mrs. Kate, journalist, artist and lecturer, born in the village of Naples, Me., 18th March, 1865. She is the daughter of Charles A. Allen, of Portland, Me. In school in Portland she met James Libbey Tryon. and became his wife in Massena Springs, N. Y. Each was then but twenty years old. KATE TRYON A woman of the century (page 735 crop).jpgKATE TRYON. For three years Mr. Tryon was local editor of Portland and Bangor newspapers, and Mrs. Tryon, as his associate, gained a wide experience in journalism. In the fall of 1889 Mr. Tryon was able to fulfill his long-cherished plan of studying in Harvard University, and he is now working for his degree and enjoying the best literary courses the college affords. In the four-years of residence in Cambridge, Mass., Mrs. Tryon has not neglected her opportunities. As member of the staff of the Boston "Advertiser" and its allied evening paper, the "Record," her name has become well-known to the newspaper-readers of New England. In 1891 she lectured upon the subject of New England's wild song-birds, her field being mostly in the scores of literary and educational clubs which abound in Massachusetts. She supplemented her lectures by illustrations in the shape of water-color drawings of each bird made by Lewelf, showing its characteristic attitude and background. When actively engaged in newspaper work in Boston, she was especially happy as an interviewer.