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PHILLIPS, Mrs. L. Vance, artist, born in a country home in Vernon county, Wis., in 1858. She was a child of fourteen, when she saw clearly the path marked out for her to follow. At the age of ten years she had shown extraordinary ability in drawing and was looked upon by her teachers as a child of talent. L. VANCE PHILLIPS A woman of the century (page 578 crop).jpgL. VANCE PHILLIPS. Thrown on her own resources at the age of fourteen, she not only supported herself, but, without other aid than her own courageous and determined spirit, she succeeded in obtaining a good education in the art to which she was devoted, as well as in other branches. She studied under the best teachers in Chicago, Cincinnati and New York. Limited always to her own earnings, she has progressed steadily and won an enviable fame. Not only in the State of Nebr »ska, but in the art centers of the country, her work has received high praise, and the art magazines do her honor in their reviews of the Chicago yearly exhibits. In china-decorating, her specialty, she excels, also in figure-painting. Nebraska probably owes as much to her as to any one person for the present high plane art has attained within its borders. The four cities in which she has resided, Hastings, Grand Island, Kearney and Omaha, have felt her vivifying influence and breathe a more elevated atmosphere of art. She is the mother of one child, a daughter.