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WRIGHT, Mrs. Laura M., physician, born in Royal Oak, Oakland county, Mich., 25th April, 1840. She is a descendant of Pilgrim stock, through both the parents of her mother. Her father, Joseph R. Wells, is of Welsh origin She inherited pluck and thrift and early developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge, while an unselfish labor for others became apparent in her childhood, and in active work in the Baptist Church, of which she early became a member. Later in life, still indefatigable in the pursuit of knowledge, she was graduated from two medical colleges, and has taken her place in the active field of professional life. LAURA M. WRIGHT A woman of the century (page 815 crop).jpgLAURA M. WRIGHT. Dr. Wright possesses a gentle but firm character, supported by perseverance and a strong conscience. Born of parents poor in this world's goods, but abounding in energy, frugality, good sense and superior management, of which she possesses a full share, she is ready now to give and extend the helping hand with even more than early helpfulness. She believes that genius consists in the sum of doing the little things about you well. As a local worker in the Woman's Christian Temperance Union ranks, she has been active and earnest. Her home is in New York City.