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WOODRUFF, Mrs. Libbie L., journalist, born in Madison county. Ill., 20th October, 1860. Her maiden name was Piper. As a child she was ambitious, truthful and determined. She attended college in Valparaiso, Ind., and fitted herself for teaching, which occupation she successfully followed for several years. LIBBIE. L. WOODRUFF A woman of the century (page 808 crop).jpgLIBBIE. L. WOODRUFF. She became the wife, 28th January, 1890, of S. C. Woodruff, editor of the Stromsburgn, Neb., "News." At that time her husband was in need of assistance, and, though she was entirely unacquainted with newspaper work, she entered into the work immediately. She soon showed her powers. She is a facile, forcible writer, with broad views and firm principles of right and justice, which her pen never fails to make plain to the people. She is an uncompromising advocate of Republican principles and a warm adherent of that party, which owes much to her editorials in the districts where the Stromsburgh "News" and the Gresham "Review," of which she is associate editor, find circulation. Her home is in Stromsburgh, Neb.