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McCABE, Miss Lyida Rose, author and journalist, born in Columbus, Ohio, of Irish parents. LYDIA ROSE McCABE A woman of the century (page 492 crop).jpgLYDIA ROSE McCABE. She showed an early inclination for literary work, and at eighteen years of age she was a contributor to the Cincinnati "Commercial-Gazette." Since then her pen has been busy in newspaper and magazine work and more ambitious ventures in book-making. A little volume of historic sketches, with the title "Don't You Remember?" dealing with early events in her home, Columbus, and the Scioto valley, Ohio, was successful. When her "Social and Literary Recollections of W. D Howells" appeared in " Lippincott's Magazine," the reviewer referred to the writer as "Mr. L. R. McCabe," her initials only being given. For some time those initials covered her identity and won a hearing from those who failed to detect "only a woman " in her robust, graceful style. In 1889, in the Paris Exposition, she did her first work for the American Press Association, and her letters were favorably received from the start. Her first intention was to spend a few months abroad and then return to her home, to engage in literary work. A love of Paris and its wonderful possibilities, and a desire to become familiar with the French language, kept her there for more than a year. She has written for several Ohio papers since she was thirteen years old, her later communication, with widening circles of readers, being through the American Press Association, McClure's Syndicate, Harper's publications, "St. Nicholas," "Frank Leslie's Magazine," "Popular Science Monthly," "Lippincott's Magazine," the "Cosmopolitan" and the "Christian Union." She has been a contributor to Chicago, Washington and New York papers, and since making her home in New York she has written for the "Tribune," "Herald." "World" and "Commercial Advertiser." She has succeeded in New York. She is on the sunny side of the twenties, thoroughly up in the theory and the execution of art, music and literature.