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LOUISE K. FRANCIS.jpgLOUISE E. FRANCIS. FRANCIS, Miss Louise E., journalist, born in St. Helena, Cal., 23rd April, 1869. Her teacher, noticing the marked love for books manifested by his pupil, "Still Water," as she was called. took pains to see that her thirst for reading w as quenched only by good books and the master-spirits. She was educated in the public schools of her native town, graduating at the age of fourteen, the salutatonan of her class. She afterwards attended a private academy for eighteen months, and subsequently finished her education in the State Normal School. Her forte was writing compositions, and her part in the school exercises was always to furnish one of her own articles. Her talent for writing grew, and when at the age of seventeen she went out in the world to make a living for herself, she naturally turned to an editor's office. She remained in the office of the "Santa Clara Valley." a monthly magazine, for three years, taking full charge of the household atid young folks' departments, and adding an occasional literary note. She then rested for a year. Next she acted as correspondent for the San Jose "Daily Mercury" during the summer meetings of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle. Through that engagement she formed the acquaintance of T. A. Peckham, and with him went into partnership and started a newspaper in Monterey, called the "Enterprise." The project did not prove a financial success, and after six months was discontinued. On 3rd April, 1891, a new "Enterprise" was started, this time in Castroville, of which Miss Francis was sole editor and proprietor. The new venture was successful, and Miss Francis is making her paper one of the brightest in the State. It is the official organ of the Pacific Coast Women's Press Association, and thus his a wider influence than the ordinary newspapers. Miss Francis was elected one of the delegates to the National Editorial Association, that met in California in May, 1892.