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WILLIS, Miss Louise Hammond, artist, born in Charleston, S. C., in 1870. From her mother, Elizabeth Louise Hammond, she inherited a love of nature and a scientific mind. From her father, Major Edward Willis, she inherits ambition, an indomitable will and perseverance. The Willis home is the resort of men and women of talent and distinction. She was graduated with first-honor medal and diploma from the Charleston Female Seminary, where she had charge of the painting and drawing classes. She was the assistant teacher in the Carolina Art School. In her chosen profession she works with steady purpose. Her studies have been carried on in Charleston, S. C., under E. Whittock McDowell, and in New York under J. Carroll Beckwith and H. Siddons Mowbray. She purposes to study in Paris and the German schools. LOUISE HAMMOND WILLIS A woman of the century (page 796 crop).jpgLOUISE HAMMOND WILLIS. Her specialty is portraiture, in which art she is already successful. Believing that everything helps everything else, she applied herself to the study of architecture, originating clever plans. She is familiar with a half-dozen languages and plays on a number of musical instruments. She writes both prose and poetry for the best magazines. She has studied the theory of music and she composes easily, showing originality. Her illustrations, pen-and-ink drawings, are meritorious. She excels in the womanly art of fine and artistic needle work, point-laces and art embroideries. Her writings appear over the pen-name " Louis Hammond Willis." All her surroundings are literary and artistic. Her paintings have always received favorable comment and attracted attention. She is a Daughter of the American Revolution. She now lives in New York City.