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CHASE, Mrs. Louise L., born in Warren, Mass., 2nd September, 1840. She is a daughter of Samuel and Mary Bond. Soon after her birth her parents moved to Brimfield. Mass., where she received her education, entering the Hitchcock free high school at the age of thirteen. Her attendance LOUISE L. CHASE.jpgLOUISE L. CHASE. in that school was interrupted by a temporary residence in Columbia, Conn., where she attended a private school. She returned to Brimheld and finished her course at the age of sixteen. In 1857 she took up her residence in Lebanon, Conn , and there became the wife, in 1861, of Alfred W. Chase, a native of Bristol, R. I. Mr. and Mrs. Chase soon removed to Brooklyn, Conn., and in 1887 to Middletown, R. I., the home of Mr Chase's family, where they still reside. In 1885 she was elected president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Middletown, and in that way became prominent in the work. She was elected State vice-president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and at about the same time State superintendent of the department of Sabbath observance. In 1886 she represented the State in the National Convention in Minneapolis, Minn. She was elected in 1891 State superintendent of scientific temperance instruction in schools.