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BROWN, Miss M. Belle, physician and surgeon, born in Troy, Ohio, 1st .March, 1850. She was educated in the high school of her native town, and in the Oxford Female College, Oxford, Ohio. Her father was born in Rhode Island and went west in 1828. The genealogy of that branch of the Brown family of which she is a member is notable. Chad Brown emigrated from England in the ship "Martin," which arrived in Boston, .Mass , in July, 183S. He went to Providence, R.I., in the year of his arrival. He was one of a committee of four to prepare the first written form of government adopted and continued in force until 1644, when Roger Williams returned from M. BELLE BROWN.jpgM. BELLE BROWN. England with the charter and Chad Brown was the first one of the thirty-nine who signed that charter. In 1642 he was ordained the first settled pastor of the Baptist Church. His great grandsons. John and James, repurchased a part of the land that had originally belonged to him and presented it to the college of Rhode Island. In 1770 the corner-stone of University Hall was laid by John Brown. In 1804 the name of that institution was changed to Brown University. Dr. Brown's mother's name was Telford, and her ancestors were of the Jennings family from England. From her mother, who was the neighborhood doctor in an emergency and kept salves and liniments for everybody who desired them, she inherited her taste for medicine. Doctor Brown commenced the study of medicine in 1874. In 1876 she went to New York and entered the New York Medical College and Hospital for Women. She was graduated in 1879 and entered immediately upon a general practice in West 34th street. New York, where she still resides. She is one of the few women in medicine who practice surgery. She makes a specialty of diseases of women and is professor of diseases of women in the New York Medical College and Hospital for Women, and is also secretary of the faculty of that institution. She is a member of the American Institute of Homeopathy, of the New York County Medical Society, a member of the consulting staff of the Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn, and of the New York Homeopathic Sanitarium Association.