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ZAKRZEWSKA, Miss Maria Elizabeth, physician and medical college professor, born in Berlin, Germany, 6th September, 1829. She is descended from a Polish family of wealth, intelligence and distinction. She was liberally educated and is master of several modern languages. She became interested in the study and practice of medicine, and took a medical course in the Charité Hospital in Berlin, and after finishing the prescribed course, taught in the college and served as assistant in the hospital. Desiring to find a wider field of action than Prussia then offered to ambitious women, she came to the United States in 1853. She studied in the Cleveland Medical College, and was graduated in that school. In 1859 she was called to the chair of obstetrics in the New England Female Medical College. At her suggestion the trustees of the college added a hospital, or clinical department, to the school, to give the students practical instruction. She had, after graduation, taken an active part in establishing and managing the New York Infirmary for Indigent Women. In that work she cooperated with Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell, the eminent pioneer women physicians. In 1863 she went to Boston, Mass., and there she founded the New England Hospital for women and children. She served three years and resigned. She was one of the incorporators of that institution. Dr. Zakrzewska has passed the greater part of her life in Boston. She is a woman of great mental force, and in her professional work she shows all the strength, skill and coolness of the best man physician. She has done a vast deal for women in opening the practice of medicine and surgery to those who are competent.