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HUGHES, Mrs. Marietta E., physician, was born in southern Michigan. She was educated in an academical school in Three Rivers, Mich., and the State Normal School in Ypsilanti. She taught successfully in the high school in Three Rivers for several years. The consideration of the injustice of the discrimination between male and female teachers in the matter of salary gave to the medical profession one of its most successful practitioners. After pursuing a thorough preparatory course with a preceptor, she took the regular course in the medical department of the University of Michigan in 1874 and 1875. She afterward entered the Hahnemann Medical College in Chicago, Ill., MARIETTA K. HUGHES A woman of the century (page 411 crop).jpgMARIETTA E. HUGHES. and was graduated with high honors in that institution in the centennial class. A prize was awarded her for passing the best examination in gynecology. After her graduation, she at once took up active practice in her native State. Soon after graduating she became the wife of a classmate, Dr. C. A. Hughes. Leaving Detroit, Mich., in 1889, Dr. Hughes went to Spokane, Wash., since which time she and her husband, with whom she is associated in business, have been steadily establishing themselves in the confidence of the people. Their field of practice has so widened that at times it is impossible for them to supply the demand for their services. She is the mother of two sons. While she earns thousands a year by honest industry and brings health to hundreds, she gives far more time to her home, husband and children than do many society women.