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POPE, Mrs. Marion Manville, poet and author, born in La Crosse, Wis., 13th July, 1859. She is the daughter of Mrs. Helen A. Manville, the well-known author, of La Crosse. Marion was an active, intelligent and precocious child. In her early childhood she wrote verses in great numbers, and most of her work was surprisingly good to come from the pen of one so young. Some of those earlier productions she included with later ones in her first published book, "Over the Divide" (Philadelphia, 1888). The volume has passed through several editions, and the critics of nigh repute have received it favorably. Many of the poems contained in the book are much read by dramatic readers. Miss Manville became the wife on 22nd September, 1891. of Charles A. Pope, of Valparaiso, Chili, and her permanent home will be in that city. She traveled after marriage in Cuba MARION MANVILLE POPE A woman of the century (page 592 crop).jpgMARION MANVILLE POPE. and Mexico. Mrs. Pope is a woman of liberal education and varied talents and accomplishments. She is a dramatic reader, a pupil of the Lyceum School in New York City. She is an artist of merit, and her work includes crayon, oils and pen and ink. She models well, and some of her heads are genuinely artistic. She is a social favorite and delights in society. Her poems have found wide currency, but she believes that her best work is her prose fiction. Her love for children has led her to write for them, and in their behalf she has contributed both prose and verse to "St. Nicholas," "Wide Awake," "Our Little Ones," "The Nursery," "Babyhood" and other periodicals devoted to the young Her work shows, not only true poetic gifts, but also that other indispensable thing, careful thinking and proper attention to form, without which no author can do work that will endure. Her poems are clear-cut and finely polished.