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BERRY, Mrs. Martia L. Davis, political reformer, born in Portland, Mich., 22nd January, MARTIA L. DAVIS BERRY.jpgMARTIA L. DAVIS BERRY. 1844. Her parents were born in New York State. Her father was of Irish and Italian descent. He was a firm believer in human rights, an earnest anti-slavery man and a strong prohibitionist. Her mother was of German descent, a woman far in advance of her times. Martia wished to teach school, and to that end she labored for a thorough education. She began to teach when she was seventeen years of age and taught five years in the public schools of her native town. At the close of the Rebellion she was married to John S. Berry, a soldier who had given to his country four years of service. In September, 1871, she removed with her husband and only child to Cawker City, Kans., and has since resided there. For twelve years she did a business in millinery and general merchandise. During eight years she was a superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday-school and a steward of the church. She organized the first Woman's Foreign Missionary Society west of the Missouri river, in April, 1872. The idea of the Woman's Club in her town originated with her and the club was organized 15th November, 1883. It is a monument to the literary taste and business ability of its founders. On 29th October, 1885, she was elected to the office of State treasurer of the Kansas Kqual Suffrage Association, to which office she has every year since been re-elected. On 14th April, 1887, she was placed at the head of the sixth district of the Kansas Woman's Christian Temprence Union. On 28th February, 1889, she was elected to the office of State treasurer of the Union, and her yearly re-election proves her faithfulness.