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WILKINS, Miss Mary E., author, born in Randolph, Mass., in 1862. She is the daughter of Warren E. Wilkins, and is descended from an old New England family. In her infancy her family removed to Brattleboro. Vt. She received her education in Mt. Hotyoke Seminary. She early began to write, and her stories were published in various periodicals. In 1884 her father died, and she returned to Randolph, where she now lives. She is the last of her family. One of her earliest successes was the writing of a prize story for a Boston journal. She soon became well known as a regular contributor to the leading periodicals. MARY E. WILKINS A woman of the century (page 785 crop).jpgMARY E. WILKINS. Her first contribution to bring her a reward was a ballad, published in "Wide Awake." She wrote for the "Budget," Harper's "Bazar." "Weekly," "Magazine" and "Young People," and other periodicals for years. She has published several volumes of her stories. Among her best works are "The Humble Romance," "Two Old Lovers," "A Symphony in Lavender," and "A New England Nun." She is a prolific author, and all her work is carefully finished. Her work has been very popular, and her poems and stories are in large demand. A part of her time is spent in Boston and New York City.