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CARLISLE, Mrs. Mary Jane, social leader, born in Covington, Kenton county, Ky., 28th August, MARY JANE CARLISLE.jpgMARY JANE CARLISLE. 1835. Her father, Major John Allen Goodson, fought through the war of 1812, and served several terms in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and was for four years mayor of Covington. He bore a strong resemblance to Gen. Jackson, both physically and mentally. He was a man of great will power and personal courage and exerted a strong influence in politics. She married, when forty years of age, Hetty Wasson, of Covington. His daughter possesses much of her father's strength of character. She was educated in the Covington schools and became the wife of John Griffin Carlisle, 25th January. 1857. She is the mother of live children, two of whom are living, William Kinkaed and Lilbon Logan, both lawyers. Mrs. Carlisle's strong personality has much to do with her husband's success in life. She is popular in Washington society, makes many friends and keeps them by being true in her friendships, gladly making sacrifices and suffering inconveniences for others. Her husband, Senator Carlisle, ex-speaker of the House, is known throughout the United States. The support of such women as Mrs. Carlisle is a powerful factor in the lives of all men, and to her more than any other does Mr. Carlisle owe all that is true to himself, that places him in the front rank of the great thinkers and of the great statesmen of the age.