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RUTHERFORD. Miss Mildred, author and educator, born in Athens, Ga.. 16th July, 1852. She is the third daughter of Williams Rutherford, professor of mathematics in the University of Georgia, and Laura Cobb, the sister of Gens. Howell and Thomas R. R. Cobb. MILDRED RUTHERFORD A woman of the century (page 638 crop).jpgMILDRED RUTHERFORD. She was educated in the Lucy Cobb Institute, Athens, Ga., graduating when sixteen years of age. She was made principal of the school in 1881 and still holds that position. During her experience she has sent forth one-hundred-thirty-seven of her pupils as teachers. After teaching English literature for ten years, she determined to prepare her lectures to be used by other teachers and pupils. The result was "English Authors" (Atlanta, Ga., 1889). In three months the third edition was called for, and the reception of that book induced the author to prepare a series of text-books, " American Authors," "French and German Authors" and "Classic Authors," for the use of her pupils in Lucy Cobb Institute and pupils elsewhere. So impressed was she with the importance of having the Bible taught in the public schools, that she prepared, in 1890, the questions on Bible history, which she had been using for many years in her school, in such form that it could be used by the common schools without offending any religious faith, "Bible Questions on Old Testament History" (Atlanta, 1890).