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DREW, Mrs. John, actor, born in London, England, 10th January, 1820. Her maiden name was Lane. Her father was an actor, and he placed the child on the stage in juvenile parts when she was eight years old In 1828 she came to the United States with her mother and played in New York and Philadelphia. She made a tour of the West Indies and returned to the United States in 1832. In 1833 she played in a number of roles in New York theaters. In 1834 she played the part of Julia in "The Hunchback" in the Boston Theater. In 1835, when fifteen years old, she played Lady Teazle in "The School for Scandal" in New Orleans. She won success from the beginning and was soon "leading lady" at a salary of twenty dollars a week. She became the wife of Henry Hunt, a veteran English opera singer, and from 1842 to 1846 she played at intervals in stock companies in New York theaters, in burlesques, light comedies and domestic dramas. In 1847 she went to Chicago, Milwaukee, St Louis, Mobile MRS. JOHN DREW.jpgMRS. JOHN DREW. and New Orleans, playing always to good houses and increasing her reputation as a comedian. In 1848 she separated from Mr. Hunt and became the wife of George Mossop. a young Irish comedian of fine powers. He died in 1849, and in 1850 she became the wife of John Drew. In 1857 Air. and Mrs. Drew made a successful tour of the United States. In 1.V61 Mrs. Drew assumed the sole management of the Arch-street Theater in Philadelphia, Pa , which has since remained under her control. Mrs. Drew makes her home in Philadelphia. During the past few years she has played with Joseph Jefferson and William J. Florence. She has a large family of children, most of whom are connected with the stage. Although seventy-two years of age, Mrs. Drew retains the cheerful vivacity of her earlier years, and she is very popular with theater-goers. She excels in high-comedy parts.