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HIBLER, Mrs. Nellie, musical educator, born in Utica, N. Y., 10th September, 1858. Her NELLIE HIBLER.jpgNELLIE HIBLER. parents, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Owen, are Welsh, and members of families of culture. Nellie from her early childhood was noted for her love of music. When quite young, she was graduated from the Utica advanced school and entered the academy. When in her sixteenth year, she accompanied her parents to Wales, and for three years they lived in the town of Aberystwyth. There Nellie received a scholarship for piano and harmony. By extraordinary diligence she was graduated in two-and-a-half years instead of three. She received the title Associate in Music of the University College of Wales. While abroad, her studies were under the direction of Dr. Parry, the famous Welsh composer. Not long after her graduation she returned with her parents to Utica, where she was for a time the organist of the South Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Afterward the family moved to Parker's Landing. Pa., where the daughter sang in the Presbyterian Church. She gathered a large class in music, which she taught with much success until she became the wife of Mr. Hibler, of Parker's Landing, who was then teller of the Exchange Bank. In less than three years after her marriage her husband and infant son died, within a few days of each other. Again she took up her profession and concluded to make a specialty of voice culture. She has been instructed by some of the best teachers in America. In Bradford, Pa., where she now resides, she was a leading soprano for two years in the Presbyterian Church, and for two more years the leader of the choir. Owing to the increased number of her private students, she resigned her position as a leader. She often sings in concerts and some of her compositions have been lately published.