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LATHROP, Mrs. Rose Hawthorne, poet and author, born in Lenox, Mass., 30th May, 1851. Hit mother was Mrs. Sophia Peabody Hawthorne, a native of Salem, Mass. Her father was the famous Nathaniel Hawthorne. The family is of English descent, and the name was originally spelled "Hathorne." The head of the American branch of the family was William Hathorne, of Wilton, Wiltshire, England, who emigrated with Winthrop and landed in Salem Hay, Mass., on 12th June, 1630. He had a grant of land in Dorchester and lived there until 1636. when he accepted a grant of land in Salem and made his home upon it. He served as legislator and soldier. The Hathornes became noted in every department of colonial life The daughter. Rose, early showed the Hawthorne bent towards literature. She soon became a contributor of stories, essays and poems to the "Princeton Review," "Scribner's Magazine," "St. Nicholas." "Wide Awake." the Harper periodicals and other publications. She has published several volumes of poems, "Along the Shore." and others. Her husband is George Parsons Lathrop, the author. Since her marriage her home life and literary work have absorbed her time. Mr. and Mrs. Lathrop were received into the Roman Catholic Church on 19th March, 1891, by Rev. Alfred Young, of the Paulist Fathers, in New York City, and were confirmed by Archbishop Corrigan, on 21st March.