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SADIE PARK GRISHAM.jpgSADIE PARK GRISHAM. GRISHAM, Mrs. Sadie Park, educator and office-holder, born in Litchfield Township, near Athens, Bradford county. Pa., 22rd July, 1859. Mrs. Grisham is a direct descendant of Josiah and Thomas Park, and is the daughter of J. P. and Jane A. Park. She spent the first ten years of her life in her native place. In 1870 her father removed with his family to Kansas and settled on Middle creek, in Chase county, where he still resides. Sadie spent the greater part of her time in the common schools until 1876, at which time she went to the State Normal School in Emporia, Kan., graduating in 1882. She then engaged in school teaching, until December, 1882, when she became the wife of Thomas H. Grisham, a lawyer of Cottonwood Falls, Kan., who was at that time the prosecuting attorney of Chase county. In 1886 Mrs. Grisham accepted and still retains a position in the public schools of Cottonwood Falls. In 1890 she was employed as principal, with a corps of seven teachers. In the spring of 1889 she was elected a member of the common council of Cottonwood Falls. She was made president of the council and chairman of the committee on streets and alleys Mrs. Grisham is an industrious worker in all educational matters.