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DOWNS, Mrs. Sallie Ward, social leader, is descended on the paternal side from Lord Ward, SALLIE WARD DOWNS.jpgSALLIE WARD DOWNS. of England. Her maiden name was Ward. On her mother's side she is descended from the Fleur-noys, Huguenots, a prominent family She is a resident of Louisville, Ky., and has been a social leader in the society of the South and Southwest for many years. She is distinguished for her beauty of person, her charm of manners ind her cultured intellect Mrs. Downs has been married four times. She has traveled extensively in Europe, and was presented at various courts, and even-where was admired for her graces of mind and person. She is a thoroughly educated woman, speaks French fluently and is a line musician. In religion she is a Roman Catholic, a convert to that faith. She has one child, a son, John Hunt, of New York, who has won a reputation as a journalist. She is noted as a letter writer, and she has contributed to eastern journals. She is, despite her social prestige, a woman of democratic instincts. Her charities were numerous, large and entirely unostentatious. She has a fine and valuable collection of treasures. historical and religious, gathered from all parts of the world. Her husband, Major G. F. Downs, is a man of wealth, intellect and culture. They make their home in the Gait House, in Louisville, Ky.