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BAILEY, Mrs. Sara Lord, elocutionist and teacher of dramatic elocution, born in Tottington, near Bury, England, 9th September, 1856. She is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lord, her parents bringing her to the United States the year following her birth and making their home in Lawrence. Mass., where they now reside. She early showed a fondness and talent for dramatic elocution, and it was developed by her participation in amateur plays given in Lawrence under the auspices of the Grand Army posts. She w as educated in the Oliver grammar school, passing thence to Fasell Seminary. Auburndale, Mass., where she studied two years. She afterwards Studied Under the l»est teachers of elocution in Boston, and was graduated in 1888 from the Boston School of Oratory. SARA LORD BAILEY.jpgSARA LORD BAILEY. A few years ago she was married to Elbridge E. Bailey, and in 1883 to benefit Mr. Bailey's health they went to the Sandwich Islands where they lived for nearly two years. They were present at the coronation ceremonies of the king and queen in Iolani palace, 12th February, 1883. In 1884 they returned to the United States, and Mr. Bailey went into business in St. Louis, Mo., where Mrs. Bailey taught elocution most successfully in the Mission School for the Blind. They afterwards removed to Kansas City, where Mr. Bailey has built up a flourishing business. Mrs. Bailey for some time taught elocution and voice-culture in the school of oratory there, but was obliged to return to Massachusetts on account of her failing health. She is devoted to her profession, having several large classes in elocution in Lawrence, besides fulfilling engagements to read in various cities.