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MARIANA W. DE CORONEL.jpgMARIANA W. DE CORONEL. CORONEL, Senora Mariana W. de, Indian curio collector, born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1851. There she remained until eight years old, when her parents removed to Los Angeles, Cal., and have there resided ever since. Her father, Nelson Williamson, is a hardy New Englander from Maine, now ninety years old. Her mother is a woman of Spanish descent. Mrs. Coronel possesses the quiet disposition of her mother. She is the oldest of a family of six children. Having from infancy been familiar with the English and Spanish languages, she speaks them with equal fluency, and her knowledge of both has aided her materially while collecting her curios. She became the wife of Don Antonio F. Coronel, a native of Mexico and one of the most prominent participants in the early history of Los Angeles, in 1873. For many years, by travel in Mexico and California and by correspondence they have been collecting Indian and Mexican curiosities and have now one of the best private collections in Los Angeles. They are deeply interested in ihe mission Indians of California, having joined heart and hand with their friend, Helen Hunt Jackson, in aiding those unfortunates. Mrs Coronel and her husband are active members of the Historical Society of California.