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HIMS, Mrs. Sue Harper, social leader and Christian Scientist, born in Brandon, Miss , 17th SUE HARPER MIMS A woman of the century (page 518 crop).jpgSUE HARPER MIMS. May. 1842. She is the daughter of the late Col. William C. Harper and Mrs. Mary C. Harper. Her father was a lawyer of great learning and distinguished ability. Her mother, eminent for her physical beauty and mental power, is living still, over eighty years of age, in the comfortable old homestead where Mrs. Minis was born. The town of Brandon, now lapsed into age and inaction, was once a center of affluence and was noted for its beautiful and intellectual women. Miss Harper, dowered with every charm of person, spirit and heart, had the added advantage of thorough study and extensive travel and was as much admired in her girlhood as she is now in her perfected bloom. She liecame the wife of Maj. Livingston Mims in 1866. Maj. Mims is a leader in social and business circles, a gentleman of aristocratic lineage and culture. He was for several years president of the Capitol City Club in Atlanta and during his reign President and Mrs. Cleveland were entertained by the club. In his elegant home, "Heartsease," he and his wife receive their friends with courtly and graceful hospitality. They are prominent for their scholarly attainments and accomplishments. Their home is a gathering place for the literary, artistic and musical people of the city. Mrs. Minis' influence has always been for intellectual and ethical culture, and nothing affords her or her husband greater happiness than to know that hers has been a character at all times essentially uplifting. She is at once a leader and a follower of Christian Science. In the South she has been one of its prime movers and teachers. Nor is it only on this subject that she has so charmingly conversed and contributed forceful and interesting articles. Her critiques on various books and authors from time to time have met warm approval. Her time, her means, her powers of heart and soul are spent in doing good. She is a most approachable and sympathetic woman. The humblest laboring woman, the saddest sin-sick outcast can go to her freely and be made to feel the absolute sisterhood that abides forever.