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DAVIS, Mrs. Varina Howell, widow of Jefferson Davis, was born in Natchez, Miss. She is a descendant of the famous Howell family, whose founder settled in New Jersey. Her grandfather. Gov. Richard Howell, was a Revolutionary officer, and her father, William Burr Howell, won with distinction under McDonough on Lake Champlain. Mrs. Davis's maternal grandfather, James Kempe, was an Irish gentleman, who came to Virginia after the Emmet rebellion. He was a man of large wraith and moved to Natchez. Miss., when her mother was an infant. Col. Kempe organized and drilled the "Natchez troupe." a company that fought through the Revolution. Mrs. Davis's uncle, Franklin Howell, was killed on the "President." Mr. Davis's marriage with Miss Howell took place 26th February, 1845. While the public life of the Davis family in many respects was one long storm, their private life was full of peace and sunshine. Few men have been happier in their domestic relations than Mr. Davis. Mrs. Davis has recently published memoirs of her husband, a work of great merit. She has the key of President Davis's career. She has written with the pen of truth and the ink of fact, for she, by loving ministrations and intellectual companionship, was his confidante through the memorable years of his life and greatly contributed to enable him more completely to achieve that career which has made his name immortal. The war record of Mrs. Davis is historical and cherished memory to those who watched her unfaltering devotion in the dark days, and when, overcome by misfortune, she met the inevitable like a true daughter of noble sires. The death of her husband ended a most remarkable chapter of national history and domestic devotion. Only two of Mr. Davis's children are n<»w living, one the wife of Addison Hays, of Colorado, a woman of sterling and womanly characteristics, and the other affectionately known as Miss Winnie, "Daughter of the Confederacy." Mrs. Davis was recently elected honorary president general if the United State* Daughters of 1812. She has her pleasant home in Beauvoir, Miss.