Ye Faithful, Triumphant Enter Into Bethlehem

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For other English-language translations of this work, see Adeste Fideles.

The "Adeste Fideles" (5th S. xi 265, 298, 331, 372, 418) -- The hymn was very commonly sung in the Lancashire churches certainly in 1820 (as my hymn book shows) to the following words:

     Ye faithful, triumphant
    Enter into Bethlehem,
Enter, oh enter with joy of heart;
    Tidings, glad tidings,
    Sent from heaven by angels,--

        O, come let us adore, O, come let us adore,
        O, come let us adore the Lord.

    A Virgin, conceived
    And bore the world a Saviour,
God of god, and light of light.
    Hail! holy infant,
    Very God of very God. Chorus.

    Great joy to all people,
    To-day a Son is given;
Glory, glory be to Thee, O Christ.
    The eternal Word was made man,
    And dwelt among us. Chorus.

    Sing praise in full chorus,
    All ye hosts of angels,
Sing praise all ye nations of the earth.
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Chorus.

Is not this earlier than Mr. Oakeleys?