Yodels of Good Sneer to the Pipple, Damn Them

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Yodels of Good Sneer to the Pipple, Damn Them

We are the buttock shakers
  And we are the slayers of dreams,
Dredging our lone sea breakers,
  Damming up beautiful streams.
Bad losers and friend forsakers
  In whom the jackal screams,
But we are the grabbers and takers
  Of the world forever it seems

With rotten, bastardly ditties
We tore up the world’s great cities.
And over the ashes of glory
Erected a tenement whorey.

One man with a godamned hammer
   Can batter a statue down
And four with an apeish clamor
   Can tear off a virgin’s gown.

We, with our sneers and lying,
  Since the day when the dawns were young,
Built Gomorrah with our spying
  And Sodom we reared and sung.
And we curse all the birds for flying,
  And the sod whence the flowers sprung,
As we go selling and buying,
  Building a world of dung.