Young squire's frolic/The naval heroes

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ON the first day of June, in the year ninety-four,
The ensigns of France were enpurpl'd with gore;
Eight sail of their line to our arms made a bow,
And grac’d the atchievements of brave Earl Howe.
Hearts of Oak are our ships, etc.

The same fortunate month, in the ninety and five,
The Republican Wolves swore they’d eat us alive;
But gallant brave Bridport sent Monsieur a knock,
And silenced the crow of the Gallican Cock. etc.

In the year ninety-seven, on St. Valentine’s day.
The Dons thought their numbers our fleet would dismay,
But ere the day clos’d in the Temple of Fame,
Emblazon’d with glory was Jarvis’s name. Hearts, etc,

O! had I seven mouths, like the fam’d river Nile,
Of a Syren the song, of Apollo the stile,
On the triumphs of Egypt for ever I’d dwell,
While Nelson and Glory the chorus should swell. etc.

With the treasures, the ships, & the legions of France,
To cherish rebellion, the wretches advance;
But Warren made Monsieur exclaim with an—Ah!
By Gar, we’ve enough of your Erin go Bragh! etc.

The broom the proud Dutchman had hoisted of yore,
Bold Duncan has struck to insult us no more;
He sinks like the natives of France and of Spain,
And the broom of Britannia shall long sweep the main.

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.