Young v. United States (95 U.S. 641)

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Court Documents

United States Supreme Court

95 U.S. 641

Young  v.  United States

ON motion for a writ of certiorari.

A judgment was rendered in this case by the Court of Claims, May 15, 1874, from which the United States took an appeal to this court. On the 5th of May, 1876, while that appeal was pending, the United States moved the Court of Claims for a new trial, under the provisions of sect. 1088, Rev. Stat. The motion was as follows:--

'And now comes the Attorney-General in behalf of the United States, and moves the court to grant the United States a new trial in the above-stated case, lately decided in this court, and that an order may be made staying the payment of the judgment so rendered in favor of said Alexander Collie, the said claimant. And the Attorney-General herewith submits to the court in support of this motion the affidavits of sundry witnesses taken abroad by the counsel of the United States, and certain papers and documents duly proved and verified, which the United States, by its Attorney-General, says have been discovered and obtained since the trial of the case, and which evidence the United States, by its Attorney-General, insists should satisfy the court that fraud, wrong, and injustice have been done to the United States by the recovery by said Collie of said judgment.'


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