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Zoological Illustrations Volume I Plate 12.jpg

GOBIUS Suerii.

Suerian Goby.

Generic Character.

Caput parvum. Oculi approximati. Pinnæ dorsales duæ, radiis flexilibus: ventrales conjunctæ, infundibuliformes. Branchiarum apertura contracta, membranâ 4-radiatâ.

Typus Genericus Gobius niger. Pennant.

Head small. Eyes approximating. Dorsal fins two, the rays flexible. Ventral fins united into the form of a funnel. Gill aperture contracted, the membrane four-rayed.

Generic Type Gobius niger. Pennant.

Specific Character.

G. olivaceus, caudâ atro-purpureâ. Capite, operculis, pinnâ dorsali et caudali longitudinaliter flavo-lineatis.
Olivaceous Goby. Tail obscure purple. Head, gills, dorsal and caudal fins with yellow longitudinal lines.
Gobius Suerii. Risso Icth. p. 387. pl. 11. fig. 43.

This beautiful little fish never exceeds the size here represented. It is not uncommon on the coast of Sicily in the spring months: it has likewise been discovered on the shores of Nice by Risso, who is its first describer: his figure, however, is so remarkably bad, that it would be impossible to recognise it but for his description: in fact, the fish is so delicate, that unless the fins are very carefully expanded in water their form and colouring will never be seen correctly. It has been named after M. C. A. Le Sueur (who accompanied Peron in the French circumnavigation), an able zoologist and most inimitable draftsman and engraver.

General colour pale olivaceous yellow, with a few obscure large spots along the body somewhat brighter. The head has four yellow oblique bands, between which, and behind the eye, is a bright blue spot. Ventral fins blackish. The first dorsal fin is trigonal, and has the third ray lengthened and longest; the three last rays tipt with deep-black; the second fin is lengthened, broadest at the end, the membrane greyish-white with narrow longitudinal lines of yellow. Caudal fin lanceolate, pointed, blackish-purple, margined and marked with yellow lines parallel with the borders. Pectoral fin ovately rounded, with faint yellow transverse bands. Anal fin resembling the second dorsal, greyish, with the margin dull-purple. Scales large, very deciduous; lateral line invisible; lower jaw longest; teeth minute. Body and fins semi-transparent. The first dorsal fin has seven rays; the second fifteen; anal fifteen; pectoral twelve; caudal seventeen; ventral fourteen.