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Zoological Illustrations Volume I Plate 17.jpg

BULIMUS zonatus.

Zoned Bulimus.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 4.

Specific Character.

B. testâ lævi conicâ; spiræ anfractibus quinque; ultimo aliquantulum distorto; albis duabus fasciis ferrugineis inæqualibus; anfractu basali rufo duabus albis fasciis; aperturâ albâ.
Shell smooth, conic, of five volutions, the last somewhat distorted; white, with two unequal ferrugineous bands; body whirl rufous, with two white bands. Aperture white.

A small though very elegant shell, seldom seen in Collections; nor do I find such a description of it as will identify the species. One figured by Martini, at tab. 134, fig. 1215, comes near it, but differs sufficiently for a specific distinction.

Its precise locality is unknown: a fine specimen exists in my father's collection, who thinks it came from the East Indies; and this is the only one I have yet seen.

The aperture is more round than ovate, and is less than one half the total length of the shell; the outer lip much reflected, and the transverse bands on the spiral whirls nearly obsolete.