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Zoological Illustrations Volume I Plate 20.jpg

PICUS Braziliensis.

Brazilian Woodpecker.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 14.

Specific Character.

P. olivaceus, subtùs fulvus, nigrescente-fasciatus; capite subcristato, suprà rubro, utrinque lineis olivaceis, fulvis, et rubris.
Olive Woodpecker: beneath fulvous, with transverse blackish bands. Head sub-crested, above red, the sides with olive, yellow, and red streaks.
P. Braziliensis, Swains. in Wern. Trans. 3. p. 291.

A new species of this already extensive family, inhabiting the interior of Brazil in the province of Bahia, where I met with it but once. It was, I believe, first described in a paper I sent to the Wernerian Society some time ago: the figure is less than the natural size.

Total length nine inches. Bill not quite an inch, and blackish. Irides yellow. Head slightly crested; the whole upper part crimson. Orbits and cheeks olive-brown; beneath this a narrow line of tawny-yellow begins at the nostrils and passes down the sides of the neck; next this is a similar stripe crimson on the jaws and olive beyond, leaving the chin and throat in front yellowish; the plumage above is tawny-olive. Quills black, within edged with rufous: all the under parts tawny-yellow, transversely banded with blackish lines; inner wing-covers yellowish. Tail three inches and a half long, the feathers black, unspotted, and tinged at their base with olive. Feet and claws lead-colour. The neck is very slender. The only one I have yet seen was a male.