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Zoological Illustrations Volume I Plate 24.jpg


Generic Character.

Testa coniformis; spira brevissima; labium exterius simplex; columella plicata; apertura linearis, angusta, spirâ longior.

Typus Genericus Conœlix lineatus. Nobis.

Shell coniform. Spire very short. Outer lip simple. Columella or pillar plaited. Aperture linear, narrow, longer than the spire.

Generic Type Conœlix lineatus.

CONŒLIX marmoratus.

Marbled Conœlix—upper figures.

Specific Character.

C. testâ striis transversis, remotis, capillaribus; spirâ subproductâ, acuminatâ; anfractibus in medio lineâ sulcatâ; labio exteriore crenato.
Shell with remote capillary transverse striæ. Spire slightly produced, acuminated; the whorls with a central indented line. Outer lip crenated.

The rare little shells composing the group I have now formed into the genus Conœlix, seem to have escaped the observation of modern systematic writers. They form a beautifully defined link connecting the Cones with the Volutes, strictly so termed, and their generic characters seem to be very constant and clear. The present species varies more or less in the regularity of its tessellated markings. The inside of the mouth is brown, and the pillar has five plaits. Several specimens are in the Banksian Cabinet, from the Pelew Islands. The figures are enlarged to one half more than the natural size.

CONŒLIX lineatus.

Lineated Conœlix—middle figures.

C. testâ lævi, albescente, lineis transversis, fulvis, capillaribus; spirâ depressâ, apice prominulo; columellâ 6-plicatâ.
Shell smooth, whitish, with transverse capillary fulvous lines. Spire depressed, the apex prominent. Pillar six-plaited.

Figured of the natural size. The volutions of the spire are somewhat convex; the coloured lines are not indented. Inhabits the South Seas?

CONŒLIX punctatus.

Punctured Conœlix—lower figures.

C. testâ fulvo-albescente, striis transversis capillaribus, intrà minutè punctatis; spirâ brevi; columellâ 5-plicatâ.
Shell cream-colour, with capillary transverse striæ, which are minutely punctured. Spire short. Pillar five-plaited.

Inhabits Otaheite: from the Banksian Collection. The figures are on the same scale as C. marmoratus.

These are the only three species which I have myself seen. Another is figured in Chemnitz x. tab..150. fig. 1415 and 6. Mr. Humfreys informs me he has seen at different times five or six others, all of a small size.