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Zoological Illustrations Volume I Plate 39.jpg


Generic Character.—See Pl. 28.

Specific Character.

Hesp. (Div. 2.) alis supra nigrescente-fuscis, subtus pallidioribus basi fulvis, anticis macula flava tri-fissa, posticis subtus margine exteriore et linea longitudinali fulvis, femoribus rufis.
H. (Div. 2.) Wings above blackish-brown, beneath paler, base fulvous. Anterior with a three-cleft yellow spot. Posterior beneath with a fulvous outer margin and longitudinal line. Thighs rufous.

The descriptions left by Fabricius of this as well as many other extensive families of Lepidoptera, are in general so vague and short, that unless a figure is quoted to elucidate them, it becomes totally impossible to ascertain the precise species intended. Such is the case with the present insect, which will not agree with any described by Fabricius, or figured by Cramer.

During my travels in Brazil I never met with this species, but am indebted to my liberal friend Dr. Langdorff, Russian Consul-general at Rio de Janeiro, for the specimens I possess, as well as a number of other rare and fine insects of this family, which were then not in my own collection.

On each side of the palpi adjoining the eye are two yellowish round dots, and another behind: the posterior wings above have a narrow whitish margin, the colour beneath much paler; but the nerves on this, as well as at the tips of the anterior wings, are blackish-brown; the legs at the base and the tarsi are black.

This is a male insect; the other sex I have not seen.