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Zoological Illustrations Volume I Plate 54.jpg

MITRA lyræformis.

Harp Mitre.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 23.

Specific Character.

M. testâ costis regularibus, carinatis, approximatibus: columellâ striatâ, juxta basin triplicatâ: spirâ subattenuatâ; apice subpapillosâ.
Shell with regular, carinated, approximating, longitudinal ribs. Pillar striated, three-plaited near the base. Spire somewhat attenuated. Apex slightly papillary.

This beautiful and highly interesting shell has been generally considered unique among the collections in this country. It was originally in the possession of the late Mr. Jennings, and, I am informed by Captain Laskey, was on first being received, in a much finer state. Mr. Jennings had it cleaned, and in so doing many of the delicate transverse striæ were partially obliterated, and the sharp ridges on the longitudinal ribs worn down, as indeed was apparent from a drawing Captain L. had made of the shell previous to this unmerciful cleaning. It however still remains a very fine shell, and is now in the cabinet of Mrs. Bolton, of Storr's-hall, to whom I am obliged for the opportunity of now publishing it.

The figure and specific character will sufficiently point out its distinctions. The body-whorl is smooth, but strongly granulated at the base; the spire delicately striated between the ribs; the two last whorls before the apex are close, thick, and somewhat papillary; the apex itself small and sharp. The upper part of the inner lip has some faint obsolete teeth, but the base has three very strong ones.

It connects in the most beautiful manner the two genera of Mitra and Voluta. Its country is unknown.