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Zoological Illustrations Volume I Plate 58.jpg

ACHATINA crenata.

Green hair-streaked Achatina.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 30.

Specific Character.

A. (Div. 2.) testâ albâ, fasciis viridibus capillaribus; spirâ elongatâ, subattenuatâ, anfractibus 6 convexis, labio exteriore crenato; basi subtruncatâ.
Shell white, with capillary green bands; spire elongated, sub-attenuated, of six convex volutions; outer lip crenated; base slightly truncate.

A few specimens of this most delicate and beautiful shell were found by my brother, Mr. J. T. Swainson, jun. in the island of Cuba; nor am I aware of its having by any other means reached our cabinets, excepting a distinct variety which occurred in Mrs. Angus's, and is now (together with a young one of the same) in Mr. Dubois's collection. This has, in addition to the green bands on the spire, a row of bead-like cinereous spots at the base of the first and second spiral whorl; and others of a longitudinal square form on those whorls nearest the tip, which, with the inner lip, is slightly tinged with pink. The form of the shell also is shorter; but the general contour, and particularly the crenated mouth, common to both, clearly proves it can be considered only as a distinct variety. The specimen we have figured agrees with all those sent at the same time, in having not the slightest appearance of spots, though in a perfect state of preservation. The little notches on the margin of the lip are always placed at the commencement of each of the green lines; the base of the column is straight, and slightly truncated before it joins the outer lip.